Season 3 Ep 6 Innovation
    Niki Roach

    Well, welcome to the final episode of Season three of Planet Possible. Each episode we've delved into the detail behind the really big issues that are critical to the way we manage our water and environment. We've heard directly from leading figures across the sector from around the world and practitioners who are making a difference every day through their work.

    A huge thanks to Binnie who are our season sponsor for season three and made it possible to bring Planet Possible to you. You'll hear a little bit more about Binnies later, and we are really grateful for their. And a quick plug if you'd like to explore sponsoring season four with us, then do Get in touch.

    I'm Niki Roach and alongside being a passionate advocate for all things water and environment, I'm a fellow of CIWEM, and if you are new to the pod, CIWEM is the Chartered Institution of Water and Environmental Management. And our members in over 90 countries are professionals with a breadth and crucially depth of expertise in the topics that are shaping the future of our planet.

    In today's episode, we are exploring innovation in the water sector, a pretty broad topic to get stuck into. So luckily, we are joined by an expert co-host to help us stay focused. Angela MacOscar. Angela is the head of innovation at North Andrean Water, a water and wastewater company here in the northeast of England, serving four and a half million customers.

    So, hello, Angela. It's great to have you. Hi,

    Angela MacOscar

    Niki, great to be here.

    Niki Roach

    Angela and I are gonna listen to our guest interview together, and then we'll discuss our reflections. And our guest interview today is with Paul O. Callahan, the founder and CEO of Blue Tech Research, and also a documentary producer. And we'll hear more about how you could get involved in his next project in today's interview.

    Paul is focused on solving the global water crisis and his film Brave Blue World, featuring Matt Damon, Jayden Smith, and Liam Nieson was designed to raise awareness about exactly that issue. I was really interested to hear Paul sharing how ancient innovative technologies are playing a role in the way that we are now managing water for some of our mega cities.

    Paul O'callaghan

    One that I find particularly fascinating is in Peru where they had these ancient canals that were called amunas that were created to capture snow melt coming down the slopes of the end days, mountains, and. Slow it down so it would percolate slowly into the ground. And that was really by the Wari culture, which were pre Incan ,those are being brought back into service today. They're being regenerated, restored, rediscovered, and they're helping provide water for modern day Lima, like can mega city of 10 million people.

    Niki Roach

    So Angela, before we hear the interview with Paul, can you give me a sense of the innovation landscape in the water sector that you work in across England?

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