Victoria Steele at DGT 3-29-22
By Larry Bodine
April 6, 2022
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Victoria Steele at DGT 3-29-22
Larry Bodine

Start out by saying welcome to today's meeting of Democrats of Greater Tucson. My name is Larry Bodine and I'm the President. I'll be your host today. Let me introduce Victoria Steele, who is a state Senator, a therapist and educator, and a candidate for justice of the peace in Pima County. She has served as an Arizona state Senator for most of the last decade creating laws.

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And now she says she wants to administer the law compassionately and justly to restore faith in justice court. Prior to her serving in the Legislature, she was a licensed substance misuse counselor, a domestic violence therapist, and a teacher of college graduate level counseling students. She's got lots of endorsements, including from Mayor Regina Romero, Ron Barber, former Congressman and Sharon Bronson and Adelita Grijalva.

on the Pima County Board of Supervisors. And she's running against a crazy man. The Republican incumbent is Adam Watters who recorded himself, shouting out, "I'm going to blow your head off,", wielding a gun just before shooting at an unarmed Stalking suspect. And with that Victoria, the floor is yours.

Victoria Steele

That's quite the introduction. Larry. I'm not going to, I'm not going to spend any time talking about my opponent, Adam Watters, but Judge Watters has been in the media a lot the last year. So you can look him up, just Google him, Adam Watters, and you'll watch the videos. Watch the audios, listen to the audio.

You'll have all the information you need on him. It is clear. That this district needs a judge with good judgment and I am that person. I am the only Democrat in the race. And I was asked to run by a former judge, someone we all know and love Paula, about a former Senator Paula Aboud. She called me up last year.

It was last. It was more than a year ago. She called me up and she said, I need you to think about something. This might be really a good thing for you. I think this is a great place for you to be, and now's the time. And I actually put her off for most of the year. To be honest, I don't want to leave the Senate.

I still to this minute, do not want to leave the Senate. I love my work there. Even when it gets really super difficult, like it is right now. But one of the reasons that I, this move makes sense to me is because in my time in the legislature, I have been. Helping to write laws and pass laws and introduce legislation that is on, regarding child abuse, regarding domestic violence and sexual assault and evictions and healthcare and housing issues and mental health and substance abuse issues.

So all of these things are a perfect fit for me to move from the Senate because I was a counselor. I still have my master's in counseling. So I have taken care of, I have cared for and created programming for women in particular. For men too, as a counselor. And so right now I've got two bills that are in the Senate.

They passed unanimously through the Senate, they're now in the house. And when they went over to the house, they died. Nothing to do with me, just it's nasty ugly politics. So once those bills died, I tried to figure out how these two bills in particular, I actually had nine bills, which I believe is a record for a Democrat.

Having that many bills move through the Senate successfully. They got over to the house and they all hit a brick wall and slid down and died. I was able to recuperate one of them. And that is the bill for the El Tour de Tucson bicycle license plate, but you'll have to forgive me. My I'm not at my best right now.