0-DTE Will Reprogram Your Brain
By Ernie Varitimos
December 9, 2021
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0-DTE Will Reprogram Your Brain

Okay. 3, 2, 1.

We had it. Awesome. We're there, are you doing friends Ernie here? And this is the zero days to expiration podcast. Zero dash D T e.com. That's the website. That's where we live. Actually, we live most of our trading days on discord, but that's the place that you have to go if you want to join us. Today's episode is about how zero dash D T E.

And I. We'll engage in a program of reprogramming you or more accurately, I should say, deprogramming you so that you are of empty mind so that you can accept this new way, a proper way of approaching the market. This is under the premise of course, that everything. It's and this is not a hypothesis premise.

This is a truth. This is an absolute that virtually everything that you have learned in trading is absolutely wrong. Incorrect. You have been under the spell, you have been part of a cult that has been teaching you a certain way. Certain. Tenants certain philosophy, , methodology strategies, indicators, anecdotes, sayings, whatever it is, you have been inundated with this wrong thing.

For many, many years for decades. And all of it is part of what I call the broker narrative, a grand conspiracy, not the type of, conspiracies are not necessarily falsehoods or things that are made up by somebody. That's the pejorative that has been, that is the normal parlance. In the lexicon of our times, this is truly a conspiracy that I was part of within the brokerage community, within the online brokerage, where they would try to think of how they were going to extract as much money from their customers as possible.

And at the same time, make it appear as if they are trying to help you. And hence you have modern day trading methods, technical analysis, for instance, chart, reading price, action Elliott wave, which is actually a throwback to many years before Fibonacci moving averages, crossovers trend line. Indicators, Matt D RSI stochastic, all of these things.

If they were the truth, if they had any kind of validity, any real power, then more of you would be making money on a consistent basis. However, what they do is they'll throw into that. Another catch another catchphrase or another reason why you might be failing. And that is because of your psychology, all the tools we have laid out for you, but your psychology isn't there.

You must work on that. Then they'll tell you that it's 90% psychology or it's 50% psychology, which is it. We don't know.

You've been taught. Putting on high probability traits is the pathway to trading Nirvana to riches. You have been, exposed to these charlatans that have that broadcast from there. Beverly Hills mansions or their cool cribs driving Lambos and with hoes on their AUMs, Lambos, and hoes. You too, can have that lifestyle.

If you just follow their formula, which is nothing more than them, brainwashing you into believing that this is the way that you need to trade. Even with things like options and, and seemingly altruistic networks like tasty trade KC trade is a wonderful organization. They are. They are so willing to give away thousands and thousands of dollars worth of education, the same education that you would literally have to pay thousands of dollars for.