How to > Publishing & Exporting
By Tiffani Bauer
November 12, 2022
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How to > Publishing & Exporting

Descript has two modes for sharing your content with the world: Publishing and Exporting.


Publishing encompasses different ways to quickly share your video or audio online or push it to another platform. You can publish your content to a standalone webpage. Click here to customize your publishing page. And here's an example of a published video page that includes a shareable link and an embeddable web player.

You can also publish your content directly to any of our integrated publishing and distribution platforms, including YouTube and many podcast hosting services.


Exporting encompasses exporting files locally and exporting your timeline to other editing programs.

To export, click the publish button, then click on export. Click the dropdown to see the different formats for exporting. Access advanced settings here, which will vary by export format. Some settings are nested under these toggle icons where you can further customize the export to your needs. When you're done, just hit the publish or export button to complete the process.