Tsering Dolma Sherpa Invest and Transform Women Entrepreneurs in Nepal
    Fei Wu

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    Right after the earthquake. I think we were all in the state of shock. Was the government, uh, ready for it? No. We are trying to accelerate women entrepreneurship in Nepal. I would say it's a movement. It's not just a campaign, you know?

    Hi everyone. Welcome to another episode of the Face World Podcast. This is your host, FA w. Today I wanna welcome cheering DOMA Sherpa to Face World. She's a communications and program coordinator at Dawa in nep. I'm gonna do my best. Dawa, D A A Y I T W A translates as self responsibility in English. This organization envisions a thriving Nepal where all citizens embrace their responsibilities to collectively transform societal challenges into innovative opportunities.

    Cheering and I met at Freberg Academy in Freberg, Maine. She was just 15 years old. Unlike the rest of the international students, myself included, who had known at least a few other students from the same country, cheering was there by herself. She was the only one from Nepal. She had several jobs on campus.

    She was a straight A student. Many of us friends assumed that she would be at Wall Street in no time making big money and living the extravagant. She deserves it, but we were all wrong. It was Cheerings dream to serve the community, especially people who are underprivileged and are in desperate need of help and support.

    She worked for several organizations including Equal Access, Nepal and the United Nations. A few years ago, cheering, move back to her homeland Nepal. In 2014, cheering became a fellow at Dua, and in 2016 she began focusing on a program. Women's Rural Acceleration Enterprise Project. You probably guessed.

    This particular program did not exist until recently after cheering, and her team discovered that out of 60 applicants who applied to the regular R EAP program, only seven of them were women. One woman became one of the five finalists, and she said in the video, now it's not just my turn, but 500 other women in PPA Nepal, where the W R EAP was launched with the support of grants and donations.

    Today at W R eap, many more female entrepreneurs can participate in leadership and technical. Networking and facilitation of investment. This episode isn't fueled by call to actions for your donations. Instead, we hope to tell a story how a small group of young people can truly make a lasting impact.

    Seth Goof uses the phrase edges. Great companies and programs are built around the edges. He says, build something that people will look for, something that people will talk about, something we would miss if it were gone. W R E A P hasn't reached tens of thousands of women, Nepal, but I'm sure he will. Just a matter of time and determination by people like.

    Starting with just a few hundred women in 2016. I look forward to seeing many more lives that will be changed by this program. I have also included videos of the W R EAP program on the blog post where you can hear the stories told by those talented and strong women. Simply visit phase world.com and you'll be able to learn more about sharing and the program.

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