Episode 784 Word Power Diligence

    Diligencea simple word that brings to mind the stirring of something profound, something we’ve heard in an inspiring speech, read in an age-old proverb, or perhaps even in a parent’s advice. This is the quintessence of our journey today, in the Word Power series brought to you by English Plus Podcast. In this episode, we delve deeper into the concept of diligence, transcending the bounds of mere vocabulary, and exploring how this attribute subtly intertwines with our everyday life.

    This is your host Danny and this is English Plus Podcast.

    The dictionary defines diligence as "careful and persistent work or effort". It's the act of consistently investing time and energy into something to achieve a specific goal. But, is diligence just about being industrious? Is it merely a virtue of the hard-working? Let's investigate these questions.

    Imagine a painter working meticulously on a masterpiece, a scientist meticulously pouring over experimental data, or a writer weaving together a complex narrative. They are all engaged in a labor of love, characterized by the very essence of diligence. This isn't about relentless labor or tireless hours spent. It's about the consistent, mindful effort they put in, fueled by passion and the pursuit of excellence. That is the beauty of diligence—it can take something ordinary and transform it into something extraordinary.

    When we converse about diligence, the anecdote of Thomas Edison inventing the electric bulb springs to mind. Edison once said, "Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration." He made a thousand unsuccessful attempts at inventing the light bulb, but it was his unyielding diligence that ultimately led to success on the thousand-and-first try.

    Let's consider another inspiring story. Have you ever heard of J.K. Rowling, the woman who created the world of Hogwarts and magic? Her path to success was far from easy. It took her seven years to write Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. She was rejected by twelve publishers before Bloomsbury agreed to publish it. It was her diligence, her consistent effort and faith in her creation that led her to become one of the most celebrated authors in the world.

    These are just two examples among many, showcasing how diligence has the power to change our lives for the better. And, while diligence seems like an enormous task, it often starts small. It's in the daily choices we make. Waking up early to squeeze in a workout, dedicating an hour each day to learn a new language, consistently contributing a part of your salary to savings—all these are manifestations of diligence in our everyday life.

    To offer a different perspective, think about a diligent farmer. With an eye on the future harvest, he tills, plants, and nurtures his fields, not minding the toil or weather. His diligent efforts culminate in a plentiful harvest, bringing joy and sustenance to many.

    In relationships too, diligence plays a key role. It's about the small, consistent gestures of love and understanding that we extend towards our loved ones. It’s about consciously investing time and effort to nurture these relationships, making them stronger and deeper over time.

    Indeed, the meaning of diligence expands far beyond its dictionary definition. It is an essential life skill, a guiding principle that leads to personal growth and the achievement of dreams. In the realm of language, the term ‘diligence’ becomes more than a mere adjective. It becomes a way of life.

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