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    I think you know, one of the ways that we can take a look at this is to understand that training ought to be an enabler to equity, not the end result. You're


    listening to, let's Imagine an Imagine Canada podcast for everyone interested in social issues and the nonprofit sector. I'm your host Bruce MacDonald at Imagine Canada.

    We believe that by leveraging our national vantage, Building cross-sector relationships and sharing and developing our knowledge base. We can advance social, economic, and environmental justice through our collective action. Join us as we dive deep into conversations that have big implications for the nonprofit and charitable sector here in Canada.

    A special thank you to our knowledge partner Carter's Professional Corporation and our supporting partner, Sage Canada. Together, let's imagine a stronger future.

    This week on the podcast, we're discussing a new study that looks at the influence of justice, access, inclusion, diversity and equity, commonly referred to as JAIDE within the corporate community investment. The Covid 19 pandemic, the ensuing racial reckoning and rallying cry for justice resulting from the murder of George Floyd and Black people killed through acts of anti-Black racism, has taken corporate citizenship and philanthropy to an inflection point, an opportune time for reflection and assessment.

    To authentically advance change, how are the voices of Black, Indigenous, 2SLGBTQI and other equity seeking individuals being heard within the corporate social impact community? This research explores the beliefs, culture, and practices that inhibit or enable equity within corporate nonprofit partnerships.

    The results are from a survey of Canada's largest companies, interviews with various CSR professionals and discussions with young leaders. To discuss the state of corporate philanthropy and explore ways of how companies can better advance philanthropy to advance JAIDE, I'm grateful that Mide Akerewusi, founder and CEO of AgentsC is joining me today.

    Mide, thank you for accepting our


    invitation. Hi Bruce. Thank you for having me on your show.


    Delighted that you're here. So we're gonna kick off right at the beginning, this research, which was designed and authored by AgentsC in collaboration with Imagine Canada and with the generous support of the RBC Foundation.

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