Retrospective for Sunday December 11
By Ernie Varitimos
December 12, 2022
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Retrospective for Sunday December 11

And this is Sunday, December 11th, our retrospective.


going forward, this is going to be a new chapter in a number of ways. And actually I think the chapter will be really new at the beginning of the year, cuz I plan on enhancing the service somewhat.

And it'll be a new chapter in that we're going to be I guess officially adopting another strategy, which is really based on the original strategy. And that is the Batman. I'll start recording it, logging it, et cetera. I have I have a a slide deck that outlines the strategy. It's pretty simple.

And we'll also be trading the original classic strategy too. I'm open to any other type of strategy as well, as long as it's asymmetric in nature.

So I know that for instance, Dan has been working on an interesting strategy, what do you call it? The chicken wing. Dan,

I'm just gonna mute. you if you're Mike.

Like I said I'm open to new strategies, new ideas that we can test and see if they have any kind of efficacy and things that we want to go forward with. The the classic strategy really works well. The problem is, , it works better in, in certain types of markets. Trending markets, particularly a bullish trending market works really well there, almost too well, scary how well it works.

However, in, in this bearish market, it's still is a good performer in, in that it has these three characteristics. One is that it makes, the average win is about twice the size as the average loss, and the win rate is over 50%. Now, in order to break even on, on something like that, you'd have to have an win rate of over 33%.

So really what it says is that anything over 33%, and it's a winning strategy, of course, no one wants to make one or 2%, but at a 50% win rate. , it's still doing about six, 7% per month. So from that point of view it's really a great strategy and it almost doesn't matter which way you go, whether you go bullish or bearish.