From CTO to CAIO_ Florin Rotar on Leading @Avanade AI Transformation
    Fei Wu

    In 2023. Very, very recent in September actually. So here in the studio with me is Florian Rar, who is the Chief AI officer for Avanade, who is responsible for driving the global AI strategy and execution across all parts of the business, spanning leadership, sales, solution, delivery capability, and also their partner ecosystem.

    Additionally, Florian is responsible for his company's own. AI first transformation. Identifying new ways AI can disrupt and improve how we work, operate, and deliver for their clients. He's been named Inside Entrepreneur Magazine's, top 10 CTOs to watch in 2023. As well as Forbes Technology Council official member of 2023, he published and is co-author of the book, we The People, human Purpose in a Digital Age, A Guide to Digital Ethics for Individuals, organizations, and Robots of all kinds.

    He is passionate, optimistic, and energetic, business and technology leader having lived and worked in over. 10 countries across three continents. Now calling US Pacific Northwest Home. We're now busy raising young, young kids. Uh, he loves running and listening to EDM. So welcome Flor. Just so glad that we're finally able to do this together.

    I. Thanks,

    Florin Rotar

    Sophie. I'm slightly embarrassed and blushing by that long introduction. Nice to be here. Thanks for having

    Fei Wu

    me. Thank you for being here. I gotta like kick off with a warm question, which is, after listening to so many podcasts of yours, recorded with other hosts and seeing you on stage Mm-Hmm.

    Milless to say the room was so packed. As I mentioned to you, I couldn't even see myself in, so I was really watching from afar. Um, I haven't really heard a lot about your origin story about. Your journey, like where you grew up and how you became the person you are today.

    Florin Rotar

    Oh, okay. That's a, that's a, that's a long, uh, uh, story, which as you said, spans, um, um, many, uh, many countries and, and several continents.

    But, uh. Um, I, uh, I grew up in Sweden, uh, hence my accent. Um, uh, spent, um, about 10 years of, of my life in UK as well. So when we established Avanade, I, I joined as one of the first employees there. Uh, I've got a, uh, history in, uh, Procter and Gamble as well, and I've, I used to run my own business prior to that.

    But, um, moved to, uh, to Seattle about 10 years to um, to be close to Microsoft engineering. 'cause we obviously do a lot of work with and, uh, and, uh, together with Microsoft. So, um, and, uh, you know, I thought it would be, uh, just a two, two year stint. Uh, but you know, we ended up liking the nature and the climate.

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