Accountability W5 D5
By Ryan Snyder
July 16, 2022
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Good morning from my husky department department it is week five day five of my accountability challenge coming up on that summer vacation. And today was dreaded leg day. I don't know, if you have a challenge with leg day, but I certainly do. So today was front squats, back squats side lateral dumbbell squats, and then some core movements.

So my front squats felt pretty brutal. Had to bail out a little bit early, not bail out as in throw the weight. But bail out as in stop short of the amount of reps I'm supposed to get in. Back squats felt pretty solid and while I was doing my back squats, a special delivery came. Hold on one second. Got my new belt courtesy of Gym Reapers. So pretty stoked on that. It's a super nice lifting belt at least to me, but really dig it. Got it sized. I had one before and it was a little bit too big, so I knew how to set it all up. So I got it going and I was able to get through my back squats really well.

So all in good pump got through it so I feel pretty good about that. Tomorrow I've got a make up day from missing earlier this week, but anyway, gotta get to work and hopefully you have a great day.