Accountability W5 D3
By Ryan Snyder
July 14, 2022
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Good morning from my husky department. It is week five day three of my accountability challenge and today's workout was brought to me by a band name Spice and the album I think it's pronounced Viv. So if you're a fan of fuzzed out indie rock, then check it out. It's pretty good. So today was deadlift day was a super good pump. Deadlifts, did some inverted rows and then some single leg dumbbell rows. So all in really good pump, nothing crazy to report figured I'd try to do my update today, standing up, cuz I'm always sitting down on them. So good to mix it up a little. Hopefully I'm not just standing here like a robot. We'll see when I look back at this video, but anyway hopefully you have a good one and I will check in with you tomorrow.