How I edit- Formatting for Mobile
By C Monroe
June 6, 2022
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Hello, this is Casey with another edition of how I edit, where I talk aloud editing process to give you some insight into how copywriters try and make their copy better. Today, we're talking about being mobile friendly and using best practices. We know that mobile devices have smaller screens. And so we need our copy to be optimized for those smaller screens.

When I look at this particular copy, I see a lot of chunky text. Right now I'm working in Google docs. But if I wanted to get some idea of how this copy would display. On a mobile device, I'm just going to shrink the margins. When we can already see if we were reading this on a mobile device. We have big chunks of texts, make it much harder to scan less attractive to the reader.

So. We need to shrink these down. In particular, this very first, section here.

As I look at this section. There's a lot of things I can do. One, you can just read it and try and see if there's a good place to potentially break up the copy. I can also find ways to.

Play with the text. To make it flow better and give it that, that spacing it needs. For example. When I read these last two sentences here.

They actually don't really add anything and they don't really make any sense. So I'm just going to find out, delete them.

Another thing I noticed is right here, it talks about this should be pretty obvious. Well, if something is obvious, we don't need to talk about it. Let's not insult our reader's intelligence. So I'm going to get rid of it. Okay. Start here.

Right here, this phrase express your concern. But it can be summarized with one word and that is talk. Also talk sounds slightly more informal and conversational than saying something like express your concern.

So already I've lost a lot of, of sentences. Made it shorter. Now I can. Add a new paragraph here. Kind of makes sense. There and. Already, this is way more mobile friendly than it was before.

It's the same thing here. We have four sentences. Usually we try and shoot for two or three. Kind of depends on the length and if it truly makes sense. We can probably get away with leaving this one alone.

Let's like when you come here, I'm okay with the spacing on this one. Let's see.

I can probably get rid of this sentence.

This one is ideal length. All right. Well, here, this one's starting to run a little long again. So looking at this one.

Let's see.

I think we'll just add a new paragraph here.

Yep. I think there will be fine. And then again, this one is also running. A little long.

I think I'm going to make the new paragraph right here.

So now this is down at two sentences. This one's down to three. This is fine. This one's fine. And this one's fine. And so is the conclusion.

So in terms of being mobile friendly, it's a little better. There's still more work to be done to make this more mobile friendly, such as you're fixing these headers. But in terms of formatting and spacing, That part is better. Hope. This has been helpful to you. And I look forward to your comments by.