Episode 87: Christina Forgeron
By Cameron Suorsa
December 28, 2021
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Episode 87: Christina Forgeron
Mothers of Misfits

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Emily Melious

Hey everyone.

YouTube Announcement (0:18)

Welcome back to another episode of Mothers of Misfits. I love that you are here to join us and real quick, before I introduce our guest, I'm really excited to share a fun announcement with all of you.

And that is if you've ever kind of wondered, like, Hey! I wonder these people are looking like when they're having this conversation and you know, if you've listened to us, but might want to watch us now, you can because we are on YouTube. So if you look for Mothers of Misfits, you'll find us, and now we're publishing our episodes with transcripts as well. So that's really helpful for those of you.

I know that's been important for a lot of our guests to have the transcripts available. But, you can watch us and listen to us. Awesome!

Okay. We hope to see you over there, but for now, let me introduce you to Christina Forgeron. She's been an educator on three continents, across grades two through nine. Over the last 25 years, wanting to help parents make education more peaceful and meaningful love that. She started Bolstered in 2020. She has a master's in Education Leadership, and she offers expert advice on learning. She describes herself as a far from perfect parent. Aren't we all. Of an eight year old. And she actually is also somebody who has ADD. So she offers a very human take on how it all comes together every day.

Christina, thanks for coming on.

Christina Forgeron

Oh, thanks. Thanks for that introduction. It's nice to be here Emily.

The biggest threats to a peaceful and meaningful education (1:48)