Re-Envisioning BBB | Updates & Brainstorming Session

    Welcome back to the Biz Birthday Bash podcast. We are excited to be here today, me and Cammy, to talk about the new phase of Biz Birthday Bash. We called the episode re-envisioning BBB because we've been talking about a lot of things behind the scenes. We did a photo shoot. I think a bunch of you if you're in our Facebook, Definitely saw previews from that and we had posted one to Instagram that well because of the algorithm, like barely anybody saw, but it's fine.

    it's fine. Just go validate us because we're really proud of the photos. So go look up the. We're so proud of the photos. We did 'em through the branded boss lady, uh, down in Florida. That's OIE and she is absolutely fantastic. We had the best time. So where should we start? Cammy? I guess we could start with like our thought process just in regards to this season and what we want it.

    Like what we want in need within the business and how that is then gonna filter into mainly changes we're gonna have in the membership and things like that. Yeah, exactly. And that guess this kind of like little like brainstorm session too, cuz we haven't really buttoned everything up. You guys, we've just kind of been like, something needs to change.

    We're not exactly sure what that looks like, but we have like ideas that are just kind of floating around and like some of them are definitely. We know we're gonna make happen. Like changes within the directory. Good changes. Not like, oh, changes are coming and everyone gets fired. It's not like that . Okay.

    It's like good, fun things. And then just like seeing where that goes. Cause obviously we haven't done. A bis birthday bash update in like, I don't, I mean really like four years, something just like get the, a new direction. Just something that fits our current, our current personalities, our current like stages of business, our stages of life, and just fits a little better with the new direction, the way things are shifting within the industry as well.

    So yeah, I think we're just kind of. Going a little, a little slightly different path to make it serve you guys better and serve us better too, because obviously things are changing here as well. ? Yes. Yeah. There have been so many things in the past four years that have changed for both of us, obviously.

    Both of us stepping away from wedding invitations is one thing that's happened, but now Cammy has a retail shop and a baby and like I, It's wild to think that four years ago, I think when we even did our first brand images, Cammy, I was still living in my first apartment, so I've had like second apartment house now.

    I don't know. Everything has shifted and changed so much compared to. Four years ago, and not to mention we also had a pandemic. So the world in general changed a ton, and Cammy and I were kind of looking at the website and Cammy basically decided that it was like the multi cheese we had forgotten at the back of the fridge because we hadn't really touched up anything on the website or with our imagery in so long.

    Yeah, exactly. And the thing is like, I feel like with our first brand shoot that we did, like, we let that like dictate what the website and the business felt like. I don't know what it is. We just were like, let's do the, We didn't really go in being like, This is the direction we want. We just kind of went in and said, let, let's take cute photos and then the direction will flow from that

    So I feel like we kind of did it backwards because this, with this photo shoot, we basically were like, this is the direction we want and we were able. I don't know, have a much better grip on what our brand looks like and the photos like really show that. I think, versus the first one was just like, We look so cute and we're like at coffee shops and you know, with our laptops and it, it just, It wasn't, it didn't have enough personality, you know what I mean?

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