Creating Sustainable Success on Amazon

George Reid00:00

What one thing would you be doing right now or encouraging people to do to create sustainable success in Amazon?

Florian Nottorf00:07

Absolutely. I think If you want to be successful in Amazon in the long term, then you have to, PPC Amazon advertising is one of your most strategic task for you, Just like sourcing products, just like any anything else that is in the core of your success. So you have to understand you don't have to do it manually, but you have to understand the importance of it, and you don't have just to throw money at it. And okay, I'm done. But well, you need a good understanding of what you wanna approach, and you have to take time or invest money for it continuously, whether you do it yourself in house, you were with an agency or with a tool whatsoever. But you, have a need to a strategy and a continuous one because it's getting more more competitive over time, of course. And the better you are and the better you understand the rule of advertising, and, yeah, the more successful you are in the end overall because we know okay, it's on Amazon influence, the organic ranking and so on and so on so yeah, it's you need to. It's a strategic tasks, and that's one of my first slides every time I go on stage and talk about Amazon PPC first, you know, understand. This is such a major important topic. SO, it's just not, you know, you don't do it after your daily work in bed.

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