Moronic Variant of Volatility
By Ernie Varitimos
November 30, 2021
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Moronic Variant of Volatility

3, 2, 1 life. I think I've got that down. All right. Are you doing friends or any here? And this is the zero dash DTE podcast episode number 61. And today's episode is entitled. Zero dash DTE is resilient. To the moronic COVID variant and market volatility. What is the Mar I'm sorry, I got that wrong.

It's not the moronic. COVID variant. It's the Omnicom. COVID VR. It's a, it's another take on Greek letters. They ran out of, I guess they went from alpha beta Lambda, and now they're up to omega or Omnichron it never ceases, but there is a variant of the COVID virus that appeared coincidentally on a day that the market was.

Half on half off, very low volatility, very low volume in the, on Friday, right after Thanksgiving. And that's a day when anything substantial happens, you could easily anybody with any kind of force can easily move the market up and down. And it did it moved down significantly on the news of a new variant.

A multi mutant and possibly vaccine resistant strain that they have now dubbed Omnichron. Or if you take that as an anagram moronic, and yes, I said moronic on purpose because that's exactly what it is. There were, there was news that initially came out. Now, first of all, they've known about this particular strain for quite some time.

I think since July, however, now that they chose that this was the time that they would bring it out, because I guess there were a few people that have come down with it. And by all accounts, this particular variation. This variety, this variant, this mutation, multimedia tint is quite harmless. Probably not much worse than the common cold.

However, it is very transmissible, but it is the perfect thing to bring up it, particularly with some of the things that might scare people like multi mutant. Vaccine tall or resistant, highly transmissible. All of these things are things that can bring up the IRR and people and the fear.

And of course that is absolutely the point. It was really no reason to bring this up right now, other than to move the market. Why did the market need to move? You've got to think, when things like this happen, when you know all the backstory, that the virus or the variant has already existed for quite some time.

And then it waits for this particular time when the market is most vulnerable, easiest to move. It's obviously what we would call in the business of false flag.

Doctor came out almost immediately saying that they've known about this for a while, and it's really almost harmless. However, you have the news outlets that are trying to push this as something potentially fearful because that's basically how they get eyes on their site. They are more interested in creating.

Then reporting a story. And in fact, often not only will they embellish or add hyperbole to a story, but quite often they will literally make it up out of thin air. And for this reason, well, this is going to sound, um, maybe political, but I believe that the press is the enemy of the people. They are not necessarily the enemy of the Zara DTE trader because this kind of volatility we welcomed with open arms.