May 28th, 2019 Cook The Books Butina! How Do You Find A Treasonous Band Of Co-conspirators_

Okay, welcome. Here we are, Annapolis, Maryland. A lot of folks have asked me why have you come to Annapolis for this part of the series? And it's very simple. When you are trying to find well thought experiment, when you're trying to find treasonous band of co-conspirators, a treasonous band of co-conspirators, how do you find a treasonous band of co-conspirators?

Remember these, a treasonous band of co-conspirators, that's espionage act, that's death penalty. That's the Treason Espionage Act. You're gonna get hung for that. Not a good idea. Most people would not engage in such activity against . But I save one situation. If you were already, if you're already a treasonous span of co-conspirators, then you may say either we hang all together or we hang separately.

. A lot of people don't know the precursor program to that, which is megatons to megawatt. Which was basically taking the winnings, the takings of all the nuclear warheads from Russia, 20,000, and then bringing them to United States and turning it into nuclear fuel.

So you might say if you diverted that to a foreign power, like a sanctioned foreign power like Iran, that would also be treasonous ban of co-conspirators. So that would make sense. That group would do it. Or you. Say giving a run 150 billion is a terrorist nation and putting 'em on a track for nuclear weapons for a country, then Chance Death of America is also a good forerunner.

We're here because that group was formed here. And it turns out that the covert weapon shipping group that was already here, right over here in. That diplomat freight service was just repurposed. It's almost like re-gifting at Christmas. It was repurposed for diversion of uranium and the crime network in Odessa that was doing all sorts of criminal activities in Ukraine was repurposed to just instead of smuggling just weapons, also smuggling material.

This example here, transportation logistics. Again, remember there's indictments all over the place for everybody involved here and transport logistics, you just put one of the crime gang in on the board. Dan La Dan Lanko. That's easy. You just put Dan Lanko in the Board of Transportation Logistics.

So again, all of this is publicly available information court filing information. We have the looks like despise who organized and did, were the go-betweens for this illegal uranium trade. Also have court cases, also have metadata. We have bina with 12 terabytes of information. We've got are with 1.5 million documents for kissel yak the Russian ambassador that seemed to be the broker for all this activity, weapons and uranium.

And we've got the information. Of 102,000 hours of recorded conversations. That's a lot, that's a lot on that laptop. Three times a month that, hum. Abidine had for Hillary Clinton. So it makes sense if you just think through it. The only group, probably the only group that would be willing to organize a band of treasonous co-conspirators to take down the president would be one that was already an already organized and treasonous and already condemned a hang if they're caught.

And that is Bob Mueller rod Rosenstein, Andy McCabe, Peter Struck, et cetera. Lisa Page, right? So there. It's easy. So what we've tried to do here is go over out to that Chesapeake Bay Bridge and of course over on the other side of this peninsula here at Eastport, and identify these folks and show their, where they live, and identify who their friends and family are and so forth, and try to show you what the.

It's gonna take more time to see the Uranium One trial and the evidence involved in the uranium one. But what we do know is there's 17 witnesses that say he's innocent. Brady witnesses. These are exculpatory witnesses and. I always say in these situations, you've got a lot of people on the web talking about, oh, there's this brace now between IG Horowitz and Bill Barr with Declassification.