Advertising on Amazon

George Reid00:00

Where do you think people's focus should be right now with regards to Amazon advertising?

Joshua Justice00:05

Yeah, I think you know for supplements, well, I would say in general sponsored products, because, I don't know what the latest statistics are, but when I worked at a, really large agency, we had access to a lot of data because we're owned by WPP, which is the largest, you know, marketing agency in the world. They have, like, hundreds of agencies and so we, you know, we were told that, you know, you got, like, the four products across the top of the search page and that, like, something like, 85% of sales happen in the top three of the first row and the first products in the second row. So, like, the product at number two on that second row does better than the fourth ranked product on that top row.

George Reid00:49

That's interesting! So that works on the premise Off the heat map on a screen is gonna talk left and then moves across the right.

Joshua Justice00:57


George Reid00:57

That kind of inverted pyramid, if you will.

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