By Stephen Drew
April 9, 2022
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Stephen Drew

Hello? Hello everyone. How are we? I am just arrived early just to make sure everything's getting set up is I have got my new computer here, so it's all about getting things set up, but while we wait.

Let me get off in two minutes,

joined the music,

Stephen. Well, I just want to make it as nice, both as possible.

Go make you a moderator. I still, I still never, never do it. Flip house etiquette is wasted on me. Hey, everyone in the audience, we're going to kick off the one minute so we can turn off. So while look, it's been a while. Okay. I haven't done an Architecture, Social clubhouse for a little while. I've been busy.

I've been terrible. We've probably before he jumped into it, if you want to check out Jason and he's going to explain much more later, Jason runs regular G a a at the global Arctics Alliance club, the club club on club house. And I really think you should recommend it. I really think you should check it out, but the reason why I fought it would be good to do this topic is because earlier I think mid December, I got totally sucked in to this world of NFTs and met the verses.

And at first I was like, what the heck? A man of us I've been playing video games. I've been playing MMOs for years. That's nothing new. That's nothing. They were at home and actually working in the office of Accuray Lowery. Someone sent me a meme about NFT. Saying how irrelevant they are, how you can copy and paste them.

And I completely laughed and I've fought brilliant. What a, what a waste of time. This is hilarious. This is funny. And then why I, the more and more research I did on NFTs, non fungible tokens. I think that's the definition should probably have a look at that before I started, but yeah, and FTS, I thought, Hmm.

Maybe there's something here and it's a divisive topic, the blockchain and FTS, the ma of first, how that all works in the architecture world. And at the same time though, it is an interesting prospect. It's virtual. And the talking about the blockchain and FTS, what can be done in the built environment?

How can we as architects use them, but so that all that in mind, I for we would do this special and we can find out together what the fuck. Alright. And FTS. And so I'm joined by Jason biome, who is a seasoned architect and Jason has his notepad ready. All right. So I don't know why. Yeah. So exactly. So we're going to do it together.