Sarah Golding

    Ladies and gentlemen and our friends beyond the binary. It is time to put your ears together for INDIE AF! HAHA HAHA!

    I love the smell of a burning laptop in the morning, (MILITARY MAMA) Hey! Hey you take cover! (RALLYING SOUL) Here there be media dragons. We fight them together...Are you with me!!!????. May the DAW be with you. (PRODUCER) Will it render or will it crash. Just...cross everything... that's...that's all we got....there's no place like audio fiction, there's no place like audio ficiton..there's no place like audio ficiton...

    Well, I hope you enjoyed the last conversation with the people from a secret of St. Kilda.

    It's truly a glorioius thing to behold. (DING) The next episode is coming to your ears pretty darn soon. YOU LUCKY THINGS (DING) So here's the second part of my chat to Mich and Naomi.... Enjoy.

    Yeah, that does very much make folks I feel want to know ...what's next? What's he doing? Why is he doing it? Who are those people? Where are they earning him on? Why is...

    We're starting

    Naomi Clarke

    right in the middle?

    Sarah Golding

    Yeah, there you go. It's just wonderous (LAUGHS IN WONDER) .. So yeah, I feel like, uh, there's been a lot. Hype around the show. And I think that's something you did beautifully.

    I think I would compare it in a way to the Amelia projects launch. Right. Whereas in as much as months before they even did anything, it seemed... there was these wonderful little pictures coming up and talking about cocoa and there was just this wonderful, gentle hype way before anything happened. I think you did that beautifully.

    I think partly. The way you've done that is also led to the success I feel of the Kickstarter, just how you've nurtured that passion of storytelling in folks. And so, yeah, I wonder if you can just tell folks if they were going to start something, how would you recommend folks build hype for their show?

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