016 - Women's Hormones: Fertility

    All right welcome to our Table Talk session. And we're actually gonna be also sharing this on our Table Talk podcast, but we have not yet talked about fertility on the podcast. And so within our team of pharmacists with PharmToTable, we've been having a lot of questions from patients about fertility.

    We see a lot of women that are in the 25 to 45 range. Oftentimes fertility is something that they're coming either to us as asking questions or that's part of why they're wanting to get healthy and prepare their bodies. And so we thought it'd be a really good idea tonight to talk about fertility.

    And two of our team members. We have Dr. Jessica Orloski here, and she is out in Pennsylvania, Mountain Top, Pennsylvania. And then on the other coast, we have Dr. Christine Sanford, or Dr. Christine Reynolds, if you're a patient of hers, she might still be under that name, but she is on the west coast in California.

    And both of them are passionate about this topic. And they're gonna lead us off in discussion about fertility, but please, if you have questions, like I said, put them in the chat box and we will try to address them. Some of our other team may be popping in as well. And might jump in and answer questions too.

    So we can go ahead and get started. Jessica, do you wanna lead us off and then maybe introduce yourself as part of that?






    Yes, I am part of the PharmToTable team. In addition to being part of the team, I also am owner of a pharmacy in Mountaintop where I live. So I try to incorporate functional medicine there.

    And I see patients on the side in all aspects of functional medicine, but I am like Melody said very passionate about fertility. So tonight, with fertility, you're gonna see a lot of themes, common themes pop up. So basically fertility means your body is healthy. Your body is in a good place. And if you are having trouble trying to conceive or can't figure out why you're having a hard time getting pregnant, your body is basically protecting itself.

    So we're gonna talk about what you could do to optimize your fertility at any time. And then we're also gonna talk about maybe some health issues that you need to dig down to the root cause to figure out infertility,

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