As a manufacturer, what is a technique that I can use to convert inventory items back to non-inventory?

so I've got a little technique to go through that process.

The first thing I do is I export out my bombs Okay. And save them in a file. Then I come over here to my part and I call up my soon to be bad part and I call it dot old or anything else you would like. And there's an import export to rename parts and change their status. And so now I can take and create a new part that's a 9 0 1 1 and then re-import my bombs.

And the bomb doesn't know that we've changed it from inventory to non-inventory, so it's on the bomb without having to go fix all the bombs themselves. Yep. Makes sense. Yep, that makes sense. That's how we've been fixing it. So wanted to see if there was another way that was simpler, like converting it to an inventory item, if there was a way to convert it back, but yeah, no it's a one way street. Okay. It's all about database integrity. But we do have this great you do have this renaming spreadsheet right here that if you have to do a lot of them and it's a very spreadsheet, old part number, new part number, okay. So you can take out your p if so, let's say I had a whole bunch I wanted to change. This is what I do. I'd export out my ppv, I would export out my bombs.

I would create this spreadsheet, creating renaming things as old . Okay. Then I would go through my PPV and change those from type 10 to type 30, which is from type inventory to non-inventory. Okay. Create the new parts using the ppv, and then I'd bring in the bomb spreadsheet. Okay. And that way it's a lot less data entry. Okay. All right.