Transforming Lives: The Power of Alternative Medicine for Animals

My name is Lori Shelton. I'm here with good idea Beverages. And my biggest takeaway from Dr. Siegel's talk today was the fact that she's a veterinarian and is changing lives of animals from a natural perspective in the alternative medical space, my doctor, I mean, my father was a homeopathic MD and so I texted my niece today who's always wanted to be a vet, but has been afraid that she doesn't wanna put dogs to sleep and she doesn't wanna do like the bad stuff that happens to animals.

And I loved from her talk that basically, The doctor that people are coming to when they have nowhere else to go with their animals. And she's transforming the lives of animals the same way that my dad did, which we all find to be so fascinating cuz unfortunately he's not with us anymore. And so my whole family just is, thinks it's a pillar that alternative medicine changes lives of humans.

And to hear her speak today on how much she can make a difference in the lives of animals was magnificent. And so it was very powerful for me as well as a friend of mine whose dog is not doing well and she's been healed by alternative medicine. I sent a video to her as well to share what is going on here, because it's just all for animals.

It's available too. Highly recommend Dr. Marlene Siegel from Tampa, Florida to treat animals. I'm not even an animal person and I was mesmerized and transformed by her talk today. So, yes. Thank you.