I think it was about 15 years ago I might be wrong on the date when they first unveiled that if you order online, you can track your pizza as it moves through the oven, really cool stuff, it's moving through the oven. It's now ready to be boxed. It's now leaving the place.

    What they found is during COVID-19, they had a really unusual problem because, hey, takeaway took off it's it's huge. There were not enough delivery drivers to get things out.

    All of a sudden their stores were clogging up with people who had ordered a pizza come in and they're waiting, which from a COVID perspective is actually not so fantastic. You know, you don't want all these people in a closed, warm space without great ventilation.

    And so internationally, what they tested was how can they help customers come into the store at exactly the right time. So what they experimented with was as the pizza reaches a very particular point in the production process, how can they notify the user that hate now is the time for you to come in and get your pizza?

    So don't come in and clog the whole store up. We want you to come in exactly when your pizza is going to be ready so that you can leave safer for everyone.

    We've got that data. You let us plug into SMS. And all of a sudden we had this amazing use case that from a Twilio perspective, we might not have been able to think of that, of how do we actually prevent COVID-19 in takeaway restaurants? Uh, just by a well-timed message.

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