Open source at Wikimedia and Diversity, Inclusivity, and Equity in Open Source

    I'm Chris Chinchilla. Welcome to my podcast, an enthusiastic ramble through whatever has taken my interest the past week or so. Expect technology, games, history, travel, geekery, and as always much, more.

    Welcome to the first Chinchilla Squeaks of 2024. I hope you had a merry I don't know. End of 2023 and good beginning of 2024, all several days of it. I am thinking of doing a kind of plans and looking forward to what I'm going to get up to in 2024, et cetera, et cetera. But I haven't quite got around to.

    Finishing my thoughts around that yet, probably by March. That's probably when I'll be ready on. Then it'll be too late. But anyway, sometimes it takes a bit of time to get your thoughts together. So instead, I am going to have in this episode two interviews from way back in September 2023 from Open Source Summit.

    The two remaining interviews from that event, actually. And the first interview you're going to hear is with Lesek, who's an engineering manager at the Wikimedia Foundation. And we had an interesting conversation about how organizations like that, i. e. kind of older ones, but also very large and very active.

    How they do open source. And it's quite different from some of the ways that new organizations do it. And then I speak with Jessica, who at the time, and I think as far as I know, possibly still is represents herself and we are talking about diversity, inclusivity and. Equity in organizations and in open source, et cetera, et cetera, to quite different interviews.

    Sometimes you just end up with things that don't quite fit together, but they're both very interesting. Now, a quick disclaimer, the interview with Lesek, there's a lot of background noise. He's okay. But in a few places, I rerecord my. Questions, just to make it a bit a bit clearer, so it'll sound a little strange, but just so you can actually understand what I'm saying, and not just hear people clanking things around in the background instead enjoy, but first, just a few words from sponsors.


    sO I'm currently leading since last year a team we call Wikibase product platform, what we do is we have multiple products that relate around linked open data around wiki project, wiki data and wiki based software.

    And all of these are based on the same technical base, basically use the same underlying software. Since a couple of years ago I've pushed the management kind of, we'll see if that's a good change or not to have the team that would work distinctly on this platform to allow teams that focus on user facing product to to focus on, on, on their specific.

    Products and their own value streams, so to speak. So I'm currently the engineering manager in this team that is focusing on the internal platform.


    Maybe just explain that a little bit more. The platform that is what exactly I think I pick up

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