By Prerna Malik
July 19, 2023
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, let's look at the three mistakes most marketers and entrepreneurs make with emails. So I like to call them the over mistakes.

First up is overthinking the writing. Now, most of us creative sorts tend to make this mistake because we want to think about the subject, the topic, the theme, the gif emojis maybe, so that by the time we sit down to actually write the email, we're already exhausted. Now, let's say you make it past the first hurdle and you've written the email, and that's when over perfecting the design comes in.

We've written the email, and now we want to make it. Pretty and perfect like Gilmore Girls. So we edit and tweak. Edit and tweak. Edit and tweak till kingdom come. That's not all. The third mistake is one that I've personally made a lot of times, which is over explaining the pitch. Now I'm an Enneagram nine, and if anyone here is an Enneagram nine, you would know what I'm talking about.

We are the peacemakers. We do not like conflict. We tend to overexplain and apologize for anything. I am literally the kind of person who would apologize to a mannequin for bumping into it. Don't wanna hurt their feelings. So, yeah, when it came to asking for the sale, joy. So you tend to overexplain yourself.

And the reason I'm telling you about this is because I want you to know you are not alone. If you've made these mistakes, you're not alone. We've all made them. We may still make them. The important thing is to know how to sidestep them with recipes. Yes. When you have a brand called Content Bistro. You get all the food metaphors and analogies, but point being recipes are to your launches.

What the T F L Go app was to us when we were learning to navigate the underground recipes, make sending emails, writing emails so much easier. Before we look at the recipes, we need to know what are the ingredients. So first up, we've got social proof. Now social proof is all of the testimonials, case studies, feedback that delighted customers send to you.

Social proof does two very important jobs. First up, it makes selling so much easier because the person who sent the testimonial or the social proof to you is actually doing the selling for you. The second is that social proof is a very well known persuasion mechanism. It helps reduce objections, resistance, and it helps your prospects see themselves in your customers, in your students.

But not all social proof. Not all social proof is good Social proof. Remember, social proof needs to do some heavy lifting for you. Like every ingredient has a job and needs to work for you. So you want to be very intentional about the social proof that you use. You want to choose the proof that does the job for you.

Let's look at the difference between good social proof and mediocre social proof, good social proof shares, specifics. Hesitations Background outcomes, good social proof. Establishes your expertise. Why should someone trust you? And good social proof helps your prospects overcome their objections. Mediocre social proof on the other hand is wig and generic.

It's fan content. Oh, I love this. But why? And as a result, it does nothing for removing objections or reducing resistance, so it does not do the selling for you.