Denise & Micka Video 2
By Niall Mackay
July 20, 2022
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Micka Chu00:00

It's such a beautiful image, and I'm very glad and touched that you shared with, with me, with the audience, your personal journey, because I know it has been very hard and that's why it's such an inspiration for people here because you, you are going through all these negative experiences and you see the best, like you had this panic attack, but.

Thanks to this panic attack. You started to be more aware of yourself and your capacities, and you did this journey with the psychotherapy and then realize you're not happy in your work. So you decide to create Tyde, which is good for you and also for the others. So I was wondering, you are doing so many things like we just mentioned to, to improve our community, to improve your life.

But I think you can only do it when you're at peace with yourself. So I know you've also been through a lot of other difficulties such as growing Asian in a small village in France, like you mentioned, like overcoming sexual harassment, you started a company by yourself. You're female entrepreneur.

I just wanted to know, like, how did you overcome all these challenges? I overcame it just by following my instinct and my inner powers.