Episode 1 My Career Journey + Top Three Tips for Making a Career Change

    You're listening to the Soulicitor Podcast, a podcast about discovering a deeper sense of meaning and purpose in your professional and personal life. We'll talk about career transition, health and wellness, meditation, and mindfulness, personal development, spirituality, and so much more so you can have a career and a life that lights you up!

    I'm your host Chiara Woods. Former lawyer, turned coach and entrepreneur, living on the West Coast of Canada. Let's dive in!

    Hello, everyone. Welcome to the first episode of the podcast. I'm super excited to have you here. So I thought I'd share a little bit more about me today and my story, and then, because I always want this show to be full of helpful tips and strategies for you. I'm going to share. My top three tips for when you're thinking about making a career change.

    So let's get into it back in 2009, when the world's economy was essentially crumbling around us and we were all watching the drama unfold on wall street. I lost my job as a corporate lawyer at a big national firm. It was quite a shock, even though a lot of people around me were losing their jobs at that time.

    I was really surprised when it happened to me. I still remember taking the elevator down to the parquet that morning after I'd been given the news. And I got into my car with my cardboard box and which was actually mainly just full of shoes. And I sat there and had a good cry in my car, in the dark for a really long time.

    I was a bit relieved deep down, I think because I had been living in fear of losing my job for quite a while, with the economy being the way it was. The work was drying up and it was getting increasingly difficult to get the hours. So I had gone from having way too much work to do, and the stress of all that to the stress of not having enough work to do and struggling to get billable hours.

    So it had been really stressful for a long time. And I was, a little bit relieved, but I was mostly horrified, ashamed, paralyzed with fear and totally convinced that no one would hire me ever again. I pretty much had no idea what to do.

    I had no plan B, so I had to sit back and think about what I actually want to do.

    So eventually after lots of chats with my friends, over several glasses of wine, I ended up deciding to move back to my hometown of Vancouver and start over. Eventually I started looking for another job and I was doing all the usual things that you do when you look for a job. So I was applying to various law firms.

    I was networking but we were deep into the economic meltdown and corporate law jobs. Definitely far and few between, especially for my year of call. So it was really difficult, but I did manage to get some interviews and that was great. I was actually really appreciative of those opportunities because I had really thought I was going to be like a serious professional pariah.

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