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January 8th, 2017 From Kosovo To Denver With Dyncorp
George Webb

Okay, this is day 80, part two. No Braverman and no Brown, no visuals on Brown yet, but we have electronic evidence. He's alive. I just wanted to go back to talk about the kids again today and finish off on. What we have as a pattern through this kind of CIAA activity over the years has been the use of stingers, ands, and gas and so forth, really, and on.

Innocent civilian populations, and then a lot of orphans being taken in kind of these rat lines. And I've shown that with the white helmets in Syria. I've also shown in previous shows here that nato has had a program through this opo of creating disturbances and so forth in Bosnia, Kosovo, and all the color revolutions throughout.

Ukraine and all around the world, including this one here in the, with the Muslim Brotherhood in Libya and. So I just wanted to develop the thesis that this CIA type activity of overseas activity has been now injected and it's actually over a 20 year period has been injected into the FBI through the counter terrorism division.

And I'll show you how that happens through a company called D Corp. I know everybody's seen this slide several times. Sorry about blocking the camera, but the key guy in this is gonna be a guy named Pug Win. and he is one of the lead investors in Dine Corp. He's also very good friends with Frank Stra of the with 1000 hidden donors.

And you're gonna find that he is in charge of asset forfeiture. Asset forfeiture. Where is it? Asset Forfeiture for 30 different federal agency agencies, including the Bureau of Prisons dea, et cetera. So what this whole operation is. Different entrapment schemes, sexual entrapment schemes for 30 different agencies.

And black male, very important people like judges police officers and. And politicians Now if, since he also runs the Bureau of Prisons, I was also told that a lot of times this is a woman here who testifies through police officers gang raping her on multiple occasions, several different police departments es especially around the 2010 Olympics.

, I was told, given some very good research that a lot of times police departments hire already convicted felon felons that are rapists already. So these teams that I was talking about, these teams of six prowler teams that go out and do these dirty tricks some, many times, they're not police officers at all.

They're just people that have been hired. I posted an article where the, in Texas, they want to lift the ban of hiring felons in the state. This is where this CIA can infiltrate into the, with this JTTF program, can infiltrate into police departments. So I didn't mean to talk about police departments at all in that general sense, but you're gonna find this as the operat.

Din Corp is gonna be running about 30 of these different operations over a period of 30 years. So the modus operandi is the, just the names of the operation has changed about every two years, and then they arrest a few Patsys and then move on. So that's the mo. . And again, it's gonna be the counter-terrorism folks at these Olympic games.

You're gonna find 1996 Atlanta games. You're gonna find 2010 Vancouver games. Just go through every the Olympics and match it up with Dine Corp. And you're gonna find human trafficking victims like this is my prediction. and again I'm not making the, he here's a heavy D Corp employee, Jeff Epstein. 11 years in this woman spent researching his case.