ep 75 transcript

I personally believe that there's more security in virtual assistance or freelance work than there is with a full-time job. Cause you think about it, you lose your full-time job, you lose your entire source of income. But most virtual assistants can replace their fulltime income with between four and seven clients.

So you don't need hundreds of people to say yes, like some businesses, Right? You need four people to say yes. Right? And what's so cool about that is that. There's a potential that you could lose a client, that somebody won't need your services anymore. But again, if you lose one client, you haven't lost your entire source of income.

It's just, okay, here's this one piece. Now let me go out and find another client. Hey, this is Allison, and welcome to the Inspire Budget Podcast, where we talk all things budgeting, debt, and saving money. Today we have Abby Ashley joining us. She is the founder of the Virtual Savvy Abby's. Focuses on helping<