The Magic is YOU - a whimsical conversation with Alex McAleer (mind reader)
Fei Wu

So excited to be here, not only with my co-producer, Adam Leer, but also with our new friend, uh, magician, a mind reader, Alex McClure is, am I saying your last name correctly, Alex

Alex McAleer

Uh, mc or Mcle. Those are both fine.

Fei Wu

I was practicing that. I'm so glad I asked. So I'm so glad you're here with us. And, um, Alex, we're so excited to actually watch you live here in Worcester, Massachusetts, uh, at the Hanover Theater.

And I personally have never really been there. I'm so glad this is gonna kick off. You know, my residency, I mean, I, this is where I live, but also as a content creator living. So close to a theater and witness you and four other people in action as magicians. So to kick it off, I'm gonna just briefly introduce you and so people know who you are.

So Alex uh, is possesses the uncanny ability. To apparently tap into his audience's minds and read their thoughts at will. Drawing the mixture of expertise in psychology, unique mentalism techniques and masterful analysis of audience members. Alex combines contemporary mind reading with sharp wit and a flare of showmanship.

And I know also after watching several videos and interviews that you grew up as his only child. So, so did I. Adam is. One of two kids. And, uh, I, I think that's, that's just really interesting that, um, there are a lot of stories I think that I remember growing up as an only child playing with magic, trying to learn that, a certain part of it, trying to make friends and trying to seem really interesting.

Um, kickoff conversations with other kids. But I also know that you have, you know, unique knowledge in terms of the fact that you create courses, you teach. I don't know a lot of magicians who, who do that. So we definitely wanna get into it. So, um, to kick it off, we wanna talk about the show, uh, which Alex introduced us to.

We wanna talk about careers, we wanna ask questions that haven't really been asked before. So with that said, let's open up to, to Alex. Could you please tell us a bit about the show and your role in that show?

Alex McAleer

Absolutely. So, uh, the show is called Champions of Magic. It started, uh, over in the uk where I'm from, in case you guys couldn't tell from the accent.

Um, it started the UK in, uh, 20 13, 20 14, and it started as a small tour, like three or four venues, and then it grew and expanded. And we came over here in 2017 and started touring the USA and North America, so Canada as well. And we've been back and forth ever since. And it's like, so this year is 10 years.