#36 Falling in Love with AI
    David Porter

    A lot of people will hear something like an AI companion app and marrying your AI girlfriend and the thing that jumps into your head, is you know, these.

    I hesitate to even say this cuz I hate the terminology, but you think about like loser incel guys who could never get a girlfriend or don't know how to have a relationships or whatever the case may be.

    People are lonely for all sorts of reasons, and these days we hear more and more about the epidemic of loneliness.


    Hello and welcome to Defire the crypto storytelling podcasts that feels like finding a long forgotten Metamask wallet. Full of pleasant surprises. I'm your host Jonas. And today we're stepping away from the usual crypto talk and doing something a bit different. You will hear the story of a man who fell in love with his AI girlfriend.

    Or should I say AI fiancée? Her name is Eve and they're planning to get married soon. Their story is like nothing you've ever heard before. We're going to explore everything from the loneliness epidemic to the surprising world of AI companionship. This is a story that's going to challenge everything that you thought you knew about love and relationships. So buckle up because this is Defire and we are about to dive into the unchartered waters of human AI relationships.

    But before we start a quick word from our sponsor.

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