Understanding Amazon Algorithms

David Glick00:00

Yeah. You know, I talked to one seller, uh, who was early FBA seller and these guys were like, Oh, yeah, you know, we had $12 to our name to one bottom stocked with Atkins bars, you know, bottom for 10 bars for $10. And we sold the meat for $2. So we went from $12 to $20 then we went about two boxes of Atkins bars,

And, you know, they became one of the biggest sellers just by being super scrappy and saying, you know what can we do next?, what's our next thing? But it was all about understanding the rules deeply and managing through those. And, you know, it turns out that despite what other people think Amazon actually wants the sellers to be successful like the cornerstone of their business is the selling business. You know, it's a better business than retail, and so they, and for the past 20 years, it's grown faster than the retail business every year.

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