Create Voice from Recordings
By Harmony Jiroudek
November 4, 2021
0:00 / 2:15
Create Voice from Recordings

You can create your overdub voice and just a few simple steps you'll want to get started from the drive view and then navigate to the overdub tab.

From here, select create new voice. title it.

And confirm.

This will open up a blank project and we're going to follow two steps to create our overdub voice, the first being uploading or recording your voice.

You'll want to make sure that you have at least 10 minutes of training and we recommend having 30. If you have a recording of your voice, just simply drag the file into the project. And that will transcribe the audio or video.

And if you don't have a recording of your voice on hand, you can just simply record from our training script.

For the purpose of this demo, I'm going to use the record option. I see my levels are coming in. I can select my microphone input. I can change that if I need to. And let's record.

A hundred years ago, there were one and a half billion people on earth now over 6 billion crowd, our fragile planet, but even, so there Great. So I've recorded about 30 minutes I'm going to scroll back up to the top and I'm going to submit my training data.

Now we're ready to complete the second step and that's submitting your voice ID.

I'm going to hit record. And read the statement and then submit.