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Hey, Hey, what's up everyone. What's up, Chuck? I see you, man.

Here. We got a minute. Let's kill some time. We got a minute. Let me be and get up here. How do I do that? Raise your hand. You, you come up here. We just say hi to each other for a minute. Yeah. Allow to speak

while people gather in. We got, we got two minutes. It auto mutes. You though look out, out. Yeah, hold up. Don't worry. LinkedIn has not figured out this UI yet. Tell you what.

Well, I'm pretty bad at this. I think I just figured it out. Yeah, what's up buddy? How you doing, man? How's your Friday honor, honor. And fly. I'm really looking forward to this. I'm gonna drop. I'm gonna drop it. I'm gonna drop it today. We got one more minute. Yeah, I got some stories for you guys. This will be helpful.

Hopefully everyone brings their, tells their product marketer too. Cuz I know sellers don't don't have full control over the competitive Intel. It's kind of frustrating.

Everyone, give Charles a follow, by the way, if you're listening right now, he's the master of discovery. Uh, I've not seen quality content on discovery and his is world class. So I got him up there. Give Charles a follow. Thank you, BELE. I'm gonna move you back. Let's get you. Thank you. Of course.

All right, one more minute. We'll get started here Friday. All right. So, Hey everyone. Thanks for joining. And man, I tell you what, nothing gets me more fired up than competition. Am I right? God, I hate losing to those people. I mean, somehow we forget that most of our deals lose the status quo, no decision.

but it's a lot more, I don't know, just feels good fighting competition than it does fighting in the status quo. It's a weird thing. It's a weird thing that we've got going for ourselves here, but let's talk about it for a second because I'll tell you right now, I I've been in sales for 12 years and it is clear as day that elite sellers handle competition way better than average sellers.

I mean, it's not even close. It's not even close. And definitely something that I learned very early in my sales career, working with some like really top sellers was the way that they were bringing up the competition proactively. And I was like, what? You're just straight up inviting that discussion with a buyer that didn't necessarily state that they're looking at that that's incredible to me, the confident, the clarity and just the way they did it was mind bogglingly.

Good. So. I want to teach you guys a very simple framework to know how to do this, but let's, let's do a quick story time. Um, so when I was the first seller at full story, we had, I mean, probably 12 competitors. I mean, it was just an insanely crowded space. Okay. 12 competitors think about it. Nothing was sacred.

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