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When did you get her 15%? Give me a better sense of how powerful compounding is. Remember at 10% for 43 years, you'd have $600,000. That's pretty good. But if you're in 15%, you'd have over 4 million. Now you're in a pretty good position. And so obviously making smart decisions about where you put your money has a huge difference in what your retirement assets are.

And obviously if you put aside more than $10,000, if you could put aside $10,000 each. Then your wealth would be quite enormous now, just for fun. If you were one of the world's great investors Warren buffet being a good example. If you could earn 20% per year for 43 years, you'd have $25 million.

Again, the original $10,000 investment would increase by 2,500 times. Over that period of time, just by earning a 20% return. Albert Einstein said the most powerful force in the universe is compound interest T has started. Vernon an attractive return and avoid losing money. And you're going to have a very nice retirement.