Unqualified Therapists Podcast E 91 Take A Trip With Us

    Okay, warriors, you are listening to unqualified therapists. Remember stay wild and weird.

    Hey warriors. This is Amy and I'm Sarah. We are the host of the unqualified therapist. We are not here to give you advice. We are here to tell you our stories, share your stories, and bring on the professionals from time to time. Mental health is complicated, and we know that from our personal experience, we believe in professional therapy, both Sarah and I use that on our own healing journey.

    But we also know it. Isn't one size fits all the stigma surrounding mental illness can make us feel alone. We are not alone. You are not alone. And you're listening to the unqualified therapist sink.

    You Don, my struggle. You Don, my pain. You, my, you

    never see

    you won't get, cause even if I'm moving, I will never be the, even if I'm, I will never let you see. So welcome back everyone to another. Episode of the unqualified therapist. Moment of silence. There will be no more sounds by Sarah R I P we're letting it go folks. It's too stressful. It's too stressful for something so silly.

    I can't do that anymore. So no longer. And so we come up with something else. I only lasted a year and a half. It's very long, man. I'm sure that y'all come up with something else kitchy and like who knows? Yeah, yeah. Or not, or, or not, she says, please, it might just be, you know, normal, the fuck. Is that nothing?

    We know nothing about that. all right, ladies and gentlemen, thank you so much for joining us again here. We have a very special guest, so we all know very. Miss Sarah Simone, what? . Oh, you guys thank you so much for having me I'm long time listener, big fan . But did you leave a reigning? Did you leave a review and how you subscribed?

    I did. I, I follow. And, um, I'm subscribed. I actually haven't left a review. You I'm really sorry. Let's go do that. Do that oh my gosh. So we are excited because Sarah's gonna share her story. I feel as though we've been keeping a secret. I know we haven't meant to. No, it's just that you can't just like put it in the middle, like the opening banter be like, Hey, guess what I did exactly.

    Um, so I am sure that for most of us who are, you know, up on pop culture, I guess, because it's become sexy is what they say about things like, you know, The words, gas, lighting and narcissist. But now the new, like what is sexy about that? like, I get it though. Katie says it. Dr. Katie does. She does. She's like, it's the pop because she says it's like some bullshit that it's like now it's cool.

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