Q & Cake #38 New Years Goals Edition

    Welcome to the BizBash Podcast, where we make biz strategy a piece of cake. I'm Elizabeth, and I'm Camie, but you might know us better. As Eliza and Calligraphy and Camie Monet, we want to help you, our fellow Stationers artists and calligraphers confidently build a profitable and personality driven creative biz.

    We're here to share our honest to goodness advice and actionable strategies for ambitious artists. So put on your party hat. Quit being a procrastinator gator, and let's get this party started. Hi everyone. Welcome back to the Babe Birthday Bash podcast. Happy New Year. It is officially 2023. Holy cow. Time has gone so fast, I just can't even believe it.

    So today we are devoting this episode to New Year goals. , it was originally going to be a Q and cake, so we're doing kind of like a funky hybrid. We're doing a Q and cake, new year goals addition. So we're gonna start off by Kimmy and I asking each other a few questions or just answering a few different questions, and then we're gonna talk about in the second half of the episode how you can go about setting goals and planning for 2023, which is funny that I'm even like offering to talk about the subject because I think Cammy and a lot of you guys might know.

    That I really hate goal setting . It's not my favorite thing to do, but I was like, you know what? It would be good to talk about this a little bit. Um, I know it's very valuable and it's valuable. Elizabeth hates goal setting. She hates January . She hates, I don't even know what else. But those are the two main things.

    I know that she hates . Yeah, exactly. Those are probably top, probably top two hates. Elizabeth, I almost said Auntie Elizabeth for Auntie Elizabeth. Auntie Eliza Ann. Okay. I am Auntie Elizabeth Tomia, so it's fine. I've just got a really silly, goofy mood all of a sudden. I just feel so jazz. I think the coffee's kicking in.

    Oh my gosh. Okay.

    Oh, this is hilarious. Okay. I love what I was gonna. No, you're good. , no goals for the new year. Okay, number one goal is to calm down. Right now we need to chill out. That shouldn't be a goal for you. You know, that'll never happen. , honestly, it really does seem to be a goal for me because I need to slow my role a little bit.

    Cause like way too jazz, I, I am my own worst enemy. I just make everything a thousand times more difficult for no reason. , but it's fine. That's, this isn't therapy for you guys. Self-awareness is the first step. Camie, it's okay. What the therapy is like. I'm just like, I'm the problem. Hi, I'm, I'm the problem.

    Oh, . Oh, okay. So 2023. Golly, it's already here. Talking about goals and all the fun stuff. So I guess we're talking a little bit about what do we do this year. So yeah. What did you enjoy working on the most this year, auntie Elizabeth . Well, I enjoyed a couple different things. This was overall, like 2022 was very much a transitional year for me because it was my first year, 100% without any wedding related.

    At all. Um, it was actually crazy when I was doing my Christmas cards. I realized, holy cow have not placed an order with my printer since last year for my Christmas cards in 2021. So that is like the true sign that I literally was not. Printing anything, um, doing any sort of like production stuff at all this year.

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