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    But again, these are investments in specific subsections of the charitable and non-for-profit space. And, uh, because the government has made decisions to, to fund, uh, certain areas, they've also made decisions not to fund other areas of the non-for-profit and charitable.

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    some point there the opportunities to actually have that conversation continues to open as more and more people start to.

    Whether a private sector or a public only sector approach is gonna work where you need all three to make it happen.


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    Hello everyone and welcome to a special budget 2023 edition of Let's Imagine. On March 28th, the federal government released its latest financial blueprint, and we're delighted to be joined by two members of Imagine Canada's public policy Committee to talk about the implications from Budget 2023. I'd like to welcome Jordan Gray, a public policy specialist and imagine Canada Board member and David Colletto, chair and CEO of Abacus Data.

    Gentlemen, let's get right to it. David, let's start with you. How would you describe this budget as it relates to everyday Canadians and the broader.


    Good to see you, Bruce and Jordan. Thanks for having me on. I I think when you look at public opinion right now, I think if you're the government trying to respond to it, a few things stand out.

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