Transforming Pets' Lives: An Incredible Veterinary Journey



My name's John A. Richardson, Jr. And I just finished a seminar with Dr.

Marlene Siegel. It was phenomenal and the takeaway that I got from it was that she always believes that there's something else you can do for her patients. It's amazing the stories that she has. She's, her heart is so huge for these fur babies that she calls them, and we know how important pets are to people, and she finds a way to make these pets healthy and no matter what they are, and gives them another extension on their life, and gives the owners the opportunity to extend their life in a reasonable way.

And I would recommend her to anybody. With a pet that has a serious problem or even a minor problem or even that wants to be prophylactic and help the pets before they get something serious. She has the heart for it. She has the modalities for it, and she's located right down in, in Florida. But she will consult with people all over the country and I've known her for years and I just think she's an amazing woman and I recommend her very highly.