Transcript: To The Christian Who Has Lost Their Passion - Resist Apathy pt3
    Aaron Salvato

    Hey everybody. Welcome to the GoodLion podcast. I am Aaron Salvato. And I'm Brian Higgins. And we are here today to talk more about apathy. Brian, why would you say that we're doing this series on apathy? What is the point?

    Brian Higgins

    We are doing this series on apathy because what we see as a major issue amongst younger churchgoers is not that they grow to hate Jesus, or they grow to outright reject the things of God, or they deliberately abandon the faith.

    Those things do happen in, in places and in pockets, but before those places and pockets occur. A lot more people go through the experience of, yeah, I've got this relationship with God thing, but what is it really doing for me right now? How does it actually play into my life? And it becomes something that just sort of lingers in the background and what God offers us in relationship is so much more exciting and meaningful and vibrant and is worth our full attention.

    So we want to talk about what that major obstacle is. Sometimes just how do we get past our own apathy? That's good.

    Aaron Salvato

    I fully agree that that is very much the point of this, and it's something really near and dear to my heart because there's just been so many times that. Struggled with apathy as a Christian, as a young Christian, as a teenager, as a young adult, as even somebody in ministry.

    It's like there's this, this pole and this temptation right to the dark side. I think apathy is the dark side. It's, it's when we get to this point where we're just going through the motions and we're not caring, it's this gateway to all sorts of things like sin backsliding, and, and not just that, but like missing out on all God as for us.

    and so hopefully you guys listening have been enjoying the episodes we've been doing on this, on this episode, what we want to do is we wanna take a moment to respond to some messages we actually got from some of you guys who are the listeners. And there's one message in particular I wanna respond to in this episode.

    And it's, it's a good enough question that got sent in that I think. It just warrants an entire episode. So recently I went on Instagram and I just asked other Christians, you know, the people that follow me on Instagram, I said, Hey, how do you guys feel about apathy? What has been your biggest struggles with apathy?

    And then I asked them also, what have you done to overcome apathy? Or what have you found to be some of the biggest aids in helping overcome apathy as a Christian? And I got a really good response from a young lady who I just thought, I mean, she was very open and honest about her struggle, and also add some really good insight into how to resist apathy as well.

    And so I just thought that I'd love to just go through what she said and take some time to discuss. Does that sound good? Absolutely. Awesome. All right, well let's get into it.

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