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Virginia Benassi Or A Benassi From Virginia 2022-22-02

Virginia Banas or a Banas from Virginia. Right over there, Virginia Bei or Besi from Virginia. So why am I saying Virginia Bei is important now as opposed to Maa Bei? And, why am I saying she's connected to the World Health Organization? This is really important because it's NATO's dark hand on the w h o.

It's, it's what you don't see what you. Prevented from seeing, NATO puts up these front characters at W H O. , but the Real Dark Hand is a organization in W H O called the Secretariat. The secretariat, they never make the NATO person, the president or the ceo, somebody who's out front. They always, it's always the secretary or some vice president, right?

So, in the case of w h O, you may remember this, Dr. Tedros. Just the first name, Tedros, I won't say the last name, is this Ethiopian Warlord and he was helping Cofer Black and helping the Bin Laden family get a pipeline so the bin Ladens could get half of the land that the Sudanese promised the bin Laden family out to Jabi and be that as it may, he's a warlord that made it happen, that monitored the the right of way, monitored the pipeline.

He only represents 6%. This Dr. Tedros, this is the same person who's saying how virulent the coronavirus is right now. So this is an important character and , other channels. Amazing. Polly did a piece on him, and that's an important minor piece, but the real story is who controls the World Health Organization and the technical officer in the World Health Organization is Virginia Besi.

Not only that, She is writing all the proposals to respond to virus outbreaks. She, did the response in Africa again. Peter struck countries in Kenya, Tanzania, et cetera. Remember, Dr. Plumer dies in Kenya, the, the virologist from the bio lab in Winnipeg in February of 2020. So the secretariat is the NATO's hand, NATO's hand.

It's the controlling hand and, and the pump. The puppet is Dr. Tedros. So Tedros is kind of important to know that he's a puppet. That's important work that amazing Polly did. But it's more important to know whose hand is in the puppet, and that is the NATO Secretariat and Virginia.