#099: What To Do If You Get Laid Off With Jesse Mecham
Jesse Mecham

People love to help other people. So the last thing we want to do is kind of turn in on ourselves, get really insular and be like, oh, people think this of me. People, people love you still. Yeah. You're the, you're the greatest. Still layoffs or layoffs, they're, and you just have to kind of talk yourself out of that and reach out and ask for help.

Hey, this

Allison Baggerly

is Alison and welcome to the Inspire Budget Podcast, where we talk all things budgeting, debt, and saving. Today we are joined by Jesse Mecu, who is a personal finance expert and business leader. He is the founder of You Need A Budget or Y NAB if you are Very busy and important. I brought Jesse on to discuss what to do when you are laid off.

It always seems like there are headlines that talk about how there are widespread layoffs. And economic uncertainty, and many people are finding themselves in this difficult position where they are getting laid off or a partner is getting laid off. But being laid off doesn't have to mean the end of your career or your financial stability.

In today's episode, Jesse will share some practical advice and insights on how to navigate the job market, manage your money, and take care of your mental and emotional wellbeing during this challenging time. Let's dive into today's episode. Welcome, Jesse, to the Inspire Budget Podcast. I'm so happy to have you.

Jesse Mecham

Thanks for having me. I'm excited to be here.

Allison Baggerly

So I wanna talk about the news and how it, it seems like everyone is getting laid off from work. Mm-hmm. I, but then I also hear that unemployment as is at its lowest, which doesn't seem to be checking out with what's happening in real life. So regardless of where.

the United States says we are when it comes to employment. I know that there are households hurting right now. There are people that are getting laid off from work, and so I want to. Turn to you as an expert for how these people can really set themselves up for success in terms of financially and then also what they can do, or maybe someone who might get laid off what they can do to prepare for

Jesse Mecham


Yeah, absolutely. The first thing is, if you haven't been laid off yet, and you're reading, you know, like layoffs. Everyone's laid off now. It that is, that is not true. So we read about really the, we read about the exceptions. We read about the big layoffs. Mm-hmm. . But, so sometimes when you read it in the news, you feel like it's everywhere and that's mm-hmm.

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