Interview: Soslan Temanson

    Welcome to Blue State Conversations. I'm your co-host William, and on today's episode, we're discussing the article titled, "NEW FOOTAGE Shows Trained, Plainclothes Operatives Coordinating Break-In Through Capitol Window on January 6," published on on February 12th, 2022. In this article, it shows video footage and pictures of a small group of "unidentified individuals working in tandem to break a window on January 6th." However, as there are always pictures of these people and they're specifically listed, these are real people. They have real names, and they have real lives. And one of them is joining us today, and his name is Soslan Temanson. And he's here to tell us about his experience on January 6th at the Capitol. Thanks for joining us today. And let's get right to the interview.


    Welcome to Blue State Conversations. This is our place to discuss the political theory from all sides, bridging the political divides that split our society.


    Hello and welcome everybody back! It's Matthew here. Today's a little bit different. We have Soslan Temanson back, for something a little bit different. Now normally we're doing a podcast, but this is the first for our channel, which is we're going to be doing an interview.

    So this is going to be a little bit different than talking about theory today. And basically, we want to talk to Soslan, as people know we've had them on the show before. He's been working in a lot of different, Republican and conservative circles. He's worked on the Trump campaign.

    He has his own podcast, so we don't have to reintroduce him there. But we did want to bring him back because there is an article that's been going around. And, uh, we wanted to kind of have him give an explanation for it. Because you know, when you read the article, there's a lot of questions left on answered, but there's also some pretty good photos and video in here that also beg some questions.

    So Soslan, welcome back!

    Soslan Temanson

    Thank you. Thank you. Wish we were here under different circumstances.

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