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    Thank you for listening to Vienna podcast by Seven Million Bikes. My name's Niall Mackay. And I'm your regular host. If you're a regular listener, you know, that. I'm taking a break from hosting season nine I want it to bring some fresh voices to you. So I have an unbelievable.

    Trouble lineup of guest host coming to you throughout season names

    Interviewing people connected to Vietnam and sharing their story.

    Want to give a massive thank you to all the members of the Seven Million Bikes community. This podcast wouldn't exist without your support. It means so much to me and it keeps me going and it keeps me producing episodes.

    For you. So even though I'm taking a break from hosting, I'm still fully here. Making sure that we have quality episodes every week for you to listen to. If you are interested in joining the Seven Million. And baked community. The link is in the show notes you can join for as little as $90,000 a month, which is a few bucks.

    You can stop at any time. You'll get episodes LA, you'll get free tickets to comedy shows and quiz nights, and you'll get invades. The special members. Only events like our busty party that we just had, which is only for guests. And Seven Million Bikes community members. So if that's something you're interested in, check it out, it really means so much to have your support. We can't produce this shore without return.

    Oh, so a massive thank you to Gary McClean, our audio engineer for season name

    louis Ray for creating the theme music to VNM podcasts. Would you still get more compliments than the actual podcast itself, but I'm not bitter because it is amazing. So, thank you so much to Lou has for creating that. It's an amazing piece of music. And also for all the simple, the Lewis gives technically and with the equipment. he's another person on this podcast.

    Couldn't exist without thank you to everyone that's supported in any way. And of course a massive, special thanks to my wife, Adrian Lopez, my the number one fan of a Vietnam podcast and who. No, none of this would be possible. So massive. Thank you to her and everyone else. Involved to make This happen

    So, again, thank you so much. To all of our guests. Who's this season. Thank you so much to our guests and thank you to you for listening. And joy seasoned name of Vietnam podcast.

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