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LINAS-Open Now
Prof John Morison

we are looking for excellent law graduates to come and join the LINAS programme. That's the Leverhulme Interdisciplinary Network on Algorithmic Solutions. We have a number of projects within this, which we're inviting students to apply to.

They will join a team, an interdisciplinary team made up of academics in the law school, across computer science and across the humanities more generally. They can select a project from a list of projects, which you find on the website. One of particular interest, perhaps to law graduates will be a project looking at how legal tech is transforming the way in which legal practice operates.

That's one under the supervision of Dr Ciarán O'Kelly and a colleague from computer science. These studentships provide full fees for, uh, UK or Irish students, plus a fairly generous maintenance allowance, uh, for overseas students. Um, you'll have to find the balance between the UK fee and the international fee yourself, but you will have the contribution, uh, towards, towards, um, maintenance.

Essentially be joining a cohort of researchers, though there's about 30 in all within the LINAS programme and some other, what we call friends of LINAS who are working in related areas across the university. And we have a program of activities, which mean that you're not on your own as a PhD student, you will have your own project and you'll be studying alongside the experts there. There's lots of training opportunities and huge social opportunities as well to, to join with this, this body of LINAS Scholars as they're called.

Not only are there the projects which are listed on the website, please have a look at the website and read it carefully, but it's also an opportunity for you to propose your own project that would involve checking down the list of all those who are on the LINAS team, all the academic members of staff, and seeing where their interest lies in relation to the project that you have in mind.

The only essential thing is that your project must be within the terms of LINAS, in other words, looking at how algorithms are transforming public decision making. We all know there's a huge new world out there where algorithms, artificial intelligence, things like Chat-GPT and so forth are transforming the way in which we live in all sorts of ways. This doctoral program is involved in exploring that. So, ideas, projects, possibilities, you have to, to look at aspects of that would be very welcome. So please come and join us, join the whole LINAS team would be very, very willing to, receive an application from you.

And first step is to get in touch with me or one of the named, um, project supervisors. Put your project together and get something into us clearly marked LINAS 2023 by the 10th of March.