Home in Government, with Zahra Esmail

I truly believe that our sector is the safety net for society. We build communities that are strong, resilient, vibrant, and connected, where people feel that they can belong and where there's a high sense of community wellbeing. It's not an optional sector. It is essential. And we need to remember how powerful we can be when we come together and approach the relationship with government from this place of strength and true partnership.


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While our sector has several touch points with the federal government, no ministry or department is responsible for improving the non profit sector's policy environment or economic landscape. In this episode, we're going to explore the concept of a home in government and hear from one leader in one province where over the past few years, their provincial leaders have created a place inside the machinery of government to support charities and nonprofits.

I'm delighted to welcome Zahra Ismail, CEO of Vantage Point in Vancouver to our podcast. Thank you for joining me here today.


It's my pleasure, bruce.


So before digging into the Home and Government question, tell us a little bit about your organization. What does it do?


Sure, Bruce. Thank you again for having me here today.

My name, as you mentioned and pronounced very well, is Zahra Ismail. My pronouns are she, her, and hers. And I'm delighted to be calling in from the my home office on the unceded territories of the Coast Salish people, the Waututh Nations. I am an uninvited settler on these lands and my family migrated here from India originally via East Africa and it's been a privilege to be able to lay our roots down here and Raise my daughter.

I have an eight year old daughter on these beautiful territories. I am the CEO of an organization called Vantage Point. And Vantage Point is a formerly volunteer Vancouver, but our current mandate and for the last several decades has been to strengthen the capacity. Of nonprofit organizations across British Columbia.

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