Peleg Top_ Clarity and breakthrough for accomplished creatives at a crossroads
Fei Wu

This is Fei from Feisworld Media and I'm here with my new friend and spiritual teacher, entrepreneur, uh, Peleg Top. I absolutely adore this name and we can talk about it as part of this if you're interested. Um, and, uh, please leave us questions. We are going live right now. If you're watching this, we're listening to this at a later time on Apple, Spotify.

Google, you're also welcome to leave your questions. Um, we do monitor this content and we'll. Alive on phase, world media, everywhere. Uh, but probably, if it's okay with you, I wanna introduce you first to my audience and we're gonna keep it short because today's topic is gonna be really juicy on, uh, you know, what it's like to be in the program, a hundred day creatives.

And, you know, uh, there's just so much the cover and what love means. To creators out there. Um, so if you're not familiar with Peck's content, Peck Top is a creative, high growth mentor, a spiritual director, and an accomplished artist. Over the past 25 years, he has built and sold a design agency, spoken in front of thousands and guided many creative leaders through his 100 days of creative high growth program.

We'll get into the details today. You're very welcome to ask questions. He's passionate. Spreading his message of love, creativity, and abundance to creatives and leaders in the creative world. So with that said, you know, my first intriguing question I think is that you talk about love all the time, constantly plic.

And I think in, I think love as a word probably means first of all, probably has many different variations, means different things in different cultures. And in particular where I come from and the Asian culture is like, Ooh, it's a sensitive thing. We don't say even, I love you very frequently. Could you please maybe help us understand what you mean by love and love in creativity and and lovers in the world?

Peleg Top

Thanks for having me, Fei. It's such a treat. When I think of love, I think of love as a way of being. More than anything, it's a place where we come from and the way that we walk through the world. There's, there's really only two ways to come from as human beings, uh, the way that we, uh, show up to ourselves, show up to others.

We can either come from love or we can come from fear. Hmm. And generally we, we grew up in a culture that, uh, fear is quite dominant. We get fear fed up, fed to us on a regular daily basis. You know, just turn on the tv, turn on the news. It's, it's all fear coming at us. Mm-hmm. And, I think the, the, the most important work that we can really do for ourselves, for our wellbeing, for our, um, spiritual growth, for our, um, For having a life of true purpose and meaning is to, uh, shift from that place of fear to the place of love.

So come from a place of love in everything we, we, we do, and how we show up to ourselves. Um, doesn't mean that it's easy. It takes work, it takes practice. Mm-hmm. Um, and oftentimes that place of coming from love is quite unfamiliar for many people. Mm-hmm. Um, it was, for me, for many years, I didn't realize that I was operating from a place of fear, especially as a creative professional, which I spent close to two decades practicing in that, in, in that space.

And, uh, really fear was the driving force. Of how I was showing up to my work, how I was showing up to my clients, it fear turned me into a people pleaser. Fear turned me into someone who was afraid to, um, charge what the work is valued. Uh, so it has, fear has, it has such a, a, a powerful force of energy in our lives that we don't realize that it's, uh, that it's present un until we do, until we begin to wake up and realize that, oh, I've been operating from.

From this fear-based operating system, and ultimately it creates an uh, it creates a space of me abandoning who I really am, abandoning my true core self, my essence of who I am, and try to become someone that I'm possibly not just to belong and fit into the world. So, um, it took me in my own personal journey, um, years and years of inner work to, to truly learn to shift from that space of fear to love.