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By Jack Campbell
August 15, 2022
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*** VSL 2 ***
Amazing Testimonial Hook - meh

ru tolerance cured himself, a muscular dystrophy using our techniques. He wasn't able to swim. He wasn't able to jog. He couldn't even pick up his own grandson, but after following one of our protocols, the doctors were amazed, because his muscle started to grow back


my name's Nene. I'm also known as a Renegade pharmacist. I'm the founder of Soma breath

It all started because I actually got very disillusioned working as a community pharmacist. I used to see people going away with shopping bags, full of drugs, and I felt totally helpless. Not able to surf in the way that I wanted to.

In the end, I had a nervous breakdown. I ended up getting a chronic illness, myself, autoimmune disease called a ulcerative class. I was literally shitting blood 40 times a day for almost a year. And then it was going through this healing journey where everything changed because an amazing woman came to the rescue.


She's a yoga teacher in the UK. She runs the traditional yoga association called swam canand. And she said to me, you have a gift. If you can reverse this condition, you've been an amazing role model to other people.


so I was taught the basic foundation of PMA. PMA means energy control