Episode 1

    Welcome to the Sacred Gyre Podcast, Staying connected to your deepest values as you work for change.

    Hi, my name is Emily Newberry, and this is the first episode of my new blog and podcast series, Sacred Gyre. I believe that real change comes about when we act in accordance with our deepest values. All too often we act in a way that is not, and we end up recreating the old world in new disguises. Now, this podcast series is an invitation to a deeper conversation about staying connected to those deeper values under pressure.

    I'm a writer, speaker, social justice advocate, and thought partner. I started this blog when I published my latest book, Turning Inside Out in January, 2022. The book starts out with a story about my life, but it isn't about my life In the end. My story is about change and the role we can all play to make it happen.

    I worked for change in many ways. I was active in the mass movements of the 1960s. My movement activism began with attending the March on Washington in 1963, just before my sophomore year in college. I went on to participate in demonstrations and various other forums of organizing. When my sons were born, I tried to be intentional in raising them to be conscious of the need for change, and later I advocated for transgender rights, including playing a role in ending the denial of gender confirming surgery by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

    As I wrote this book, I took the time to reflect back on my experiences. There were times when I stayed connected to my deepest values, and times I did not. The closer I was connected to them, I believe the more likely that the changes that resulted reflected real change in the quality of relationships of those involved.

    When I was disconnected from them, the changes had the effect of recreating the old values in new forms. Now, I believe this is a universal question and hope to engage others in the conversation about how to stay connected. That may be a conversation with yourself, with a few friends or family who closely work with you, or a larger movement of which you are a part.

    In the following episodes of this podcast, I'll start going into more detail about how I see this conversation. I invite you to reflect for yourself, and if you're so moved to send me your thoughts. I hope in the future to have direct conversations also with people who see themselves as working for positive change about the challenges they have faced so we can all learn from each other's experiences.

    Please sign up on my contacts page to get notified of future episodes. I promise not to send more than three or four emails a month, and please use the other form there to send me your thoughts on what you hear me saying in an episode. I will not promise to interact with every such comment, but will pick a few from time to time to spark a new episode.

    Thank you. Let's be in conversation.

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